SaiGonTrans has just received the transportation of super-heavy equipment for the Saigon auto supporting industry factory project.

The goods is a stamping machine with the following parameters:

8m long, 4.5m wide, 4.2m high, weighing up to 105 tons.

Hình 1: Tiếp nhận kiện hàng siêu trường siêu trọng tại cảng bến nghé
Figure 1: Receipt of super-heavy cargo at the port of wharf

Goods are shipped from China to Vietnam via Ben Nghe port. Received by SaigonTrans by receiving the train directly through the car. The means of transport for this super-heavy package is the Man Tractor and the 18-axle hydraulic trailer.

Here are some pictures during the transportation of packages for this project.

If you have a need to transport heavy industrial machinery and equipment, please contact our company for the most optimal plan and quote.


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