SaiGonTrans received a package of project equipment for Vietnamese Agricultural Machines In Phu My 1 Industrial Park. The goods are a combination of steel structure equipment for factories and production lines. Notably, there are super-heavy packages weighing up to 100 tons.

Information about project shipments:

  • Route: Goods are imported from China by bulk ship transporting super-heavy equipment through Lotus port and transported by road to the factory in Phu My 1 Industrial Park.
  • Project implementation time: January 2023
  • Project volume: The total volume transported by SaiGontrans is up to 2000 tons, equivalent to 4000CBM.
  • The largest super-heavy cargo: 20m long, 4m wide, 4.5m high, weight 100 tons.
  • Execution vehicle:  trailer
vận tải hàng siêu trường siêu trọng
Image 1:Super heavy goods

Here are some pictures during the transportation of this project shipment:

Thiết bị dự án tập kết tại nhà máy nông sản Việt Nam


hàng quá khổ quá tải

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