Oversized – Heavy Transport

Saigontrans is specialized in all type of Oversized – Heavy transport deliveries. Operations involving heavy lift services and out-of-gauge shipments need to be handled with top-level methods, coherence and experience.
We provide the transportation and Installation of Oversized – Heavy lift machineries and structures by using special means of transport to the plants and constructions sites.

Our heavy lift operations are focused on:

  • Industry and Industrial machinery
  • Construction Industry and Civil engineering
  • Steel products
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Wind energy / Wind Turbine Parts
  • Power Plant Equipment / Hydropower
  • Sailing / Yachting

Aeronautical / AviatioNotice 
Processing of transport oversize-overweight project, following issues:

The stage is extremely important before carrying out shipping including the survey of route and goods.

The route: need to be a careful survey to create the plans and the prices, the difficulty in the route such as traffic island, wire, traffic light, bends, toll station on the freight route, the berth’s capacity to receive loading and unloading.

The goods: need to be actual survey of consignment and carry out shipping of the dimensional weight to prepare the quantity and options before the shipment of a project consignment by multimodal transport.

Lashing cargo
Lashing is one of the most important elements in ensuring safety to transport oversize-overweight project machines and equipment. It is necessary to lash safely, calculate the bearing capacity of cables when lashing is required to avoid breaking cables because of not bearing the strength. Avoid making goods scratched on board or on vehicles commonly used cables as iron cables…

Carrying out project
After making surveys and projects are completed, carrying out the shipment needs to closely track them, which combine with relevant departments to ensure transporting project equipment safety on process of the project to avoid anchoring vehicles, board causing incurred expenses due to lack of coordination between departments.

When the project meets the problem, relevant departments should be announced in time in order to solve it and minimize risks and costs transporting the oversize-overweight project.